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The HUNT Of a Lifetime

Operating in nearly every corner of Southern Africa for over two decades, WOW Africa is ready to cater to every preference and need that our clients might have. South Africa offers the most diverse range of species found anywhere in the world, ranging from plains game, to the big 5, game birds and reptiles. We pride ourselves in not having any hidden costs and adhering to all ethical business and hunting codes. Our passion is the conservation of African wildlife and we are proud to be apart of the story which is being written by all of the hunting community. WOW Africa, like all hunting enthusiasts all over the world, dream about the Golden Ages of hunting. The years of President Roosevelt and Selous have passed, but their legacy remains, and so does the dream of exploring unchartered wild-Africa, with a magnificent trophy around every corner. This is why WOW Africa should be your choice: 

• Authentic African experience

• Passionate about conservation

• Big open hunting areas

• Upholds age-old African hunting traditions

• Fantastic trophy quality

• Big 5 and dangerous game experts

• One of Africa’s best bowhunting destinations

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