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Set within the heart of the former Zulu Kingdom, WOW Africa is the reminiscence of decades long isolation from man, nomadic movement and historic battles fought between Zulu's, Afrikaner's and the British. We stay true to this legacy entrusted to us by protecting and conserving the wildlife, nature and waterways. We see it our duty to preserve the beauty and history captured between the rolling hills of Zululand.

This is Madaka. This is the Africa you dream of.

Geographical Study

A geographical study has been done at Madaka, and a comprehensive paper has been put together. This paper is now available for you to view. View it here.

A Natural Heritage Site

Declared a South African Natural Heritage Site in 1997 by the late president Nelson Mandela, and nearly surrounded by the famous Ithala Game Reserve, Madaka is a true African gem hidden amongst the rolling hills of the old Zulu Kingdom. This area was declared a natural heritage site for various reasons, including the geographical significance, the rich bounty of wildlife, but in particular for the Protea Comptonii (Better known as the Saddleback Sugarbush). The Saddleback is a rare relative of the South African National flower - the King Protea and can only be found in three small areas in the world, Madaka Game Ranch being the most densely populated of these areas.

A Geographical Marvel

Long before Madaka became the heart of Zululand, it was the heart of the World’s Oldest Preserved Rift. Madaka is recognized as a Southern African geological and ecological marvel, the geologic story of Madaka Game Ranch has so far highlighted the central role the area played in the formation and breakup of ancient earth, the coming and going of glaciers and the hunt for Earth’s riches.

Through crustal movement and associated erosion, what was once a flat, undulating plain has emerged into the dramatic, breathtaking scenery that is Madaka Game Ranch today. Not only does this give today’s visitor amazing sites to behold, but this continued erosive revealing of the ancient rocks underfoot provides visitors a chance to truly step back in time through some of the most ancient rocks and exciting geologic events in Earth’s history!

A Wildlife Paradise

Long before any human stepped foot on Madaka, the plains, waterways and mountains of this area was full of wild animals that has been roaming the grounds for ages. Therefore, we see it as our duty to preserve this land and all living species on it. Madaka is home to a vast number of wild game, all native to the land. You will find massive numbers of plains game, dangerous game (such as Cape Buffalo) and various nocturnal predators and pray. Nearly completely surrounded by the famous Ithala Game Reserve, Madaka is isolated from all modern human intervention which leaves the plains of Madaka wild and free, as Africa ought to be.

True to Africa Accommodation

Nyala Lodge is our wheelchair friendly main lodge offering 7 en suite bedrooms adjacent to the Lapa (African dining hall). Each room has a coffee station, air conditioner and heater. From your room you are close to all facilities, including the heated pool. Here, you may be called upon by the beating of the African drums, informing you of traditional cuisine that has been served.

Leopard Lodge is your private 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom bushveld home. Resting on the hillside and overlooking the plains down below, it is equipped with a swimming pool, jacuzzi, fire pit, satellite television and a private kitchen.

The Waterbuck and Springbuck Chalets, offer 2 en suite bedrooms with a central kitchen/living area. Walking out from your chalet you will meet the raised wooden deck overlooking the Savana and hear the Vervet Monkeys swinging over your head. Both chalets are within walking distance of the main camp.

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