Project iThemba

Since 2014, WOW Africa has been spearheading the iThemba (Meaning “Hope” in the native Zulu language) project, which is aimed at funding and supporting local schools and scholars.

This support is through various means including food packages, school uniforms, winter clothing, repair and upgrades to school infrastructure and prizes for pupils who reach certain academic benchmarks.

With the support of our clients, the iThemba project is continuously improving the lives of local children, and directly contributing to a better Africa for tomorrow.

Thank you to all past and future clients for your selfless contributions!

What we've done

In 2017 construction was completed replacing the mud school with a proper brick and mortar structure. This structure now gives a safe and comfortable learning environment to 86 pupils. An outside kitchen was also erected here, allowing educators to provide at least one decent meal per day to 125 children who cannot afford it. Current funds being raised is put towards the building of a second school, giving more children access to quality education.

WOW Africa often donates meat hunted by our clients to the local village. With our trained skinners and butcher, we supply a constant stream of clean, safe and very healthy meat to young people who need it most.

Not to create a culture of charity, WOW Africa both employs people from the local community, giving them a way to earn a living; and award prices to academically deserving pupils, engraving the "you have to work for it" mindset from a young age.

How you can get involved

Various programs such as SCI's Bell Family Blue Bag Program already exist and is in perfect harmony with WOW Africa's goal with Project iThemba. We encourage our clients, and non-clients, to get involved in such projects as to not only aid our cause, but that of many African humanitarian projects.

If you are planning to get involved with Project iThemba directly, there are many ways to do say. Donations of your game meat which was hunted, school supplies and aids, or financial donations are some great examples.

If you are unsure of how you would like to contribute, please contact us, as we are in constant communication with the community and will be able to assist you immediately with what the most urgent items are which the children need.

Why financial aid helps

Although meat and supplies are of unmeasurable value to the community, little aid is more efficient than that of financial aid.

By having finances available to put towards Project iThemba, WOW Africa can budget and plan towards a specific goal, such as purchasing food, building the second school, installing water filtration systems, etc.

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