Point Of Entry


We meet all our clients at customs exit points of OR Thambo International Airport. All travel will be in spacious modern double cab type vehicle that are also used during the hunt. At the end of the hunt we return the client to the customs entry point of OR Thambo International airport. Please note that hunters entering South Africa with fire arms must do so with a permit obtainable from the South African High commission and it is for the account of the hunter. This is of great importance to ensure a smooth entry at customs point in South Africa, and must be completed long before departure from your country. Please also ensure that your are in possession of a valid re-import permit for your weapons on return to your country. Taxidermist and Trophy export  services are available on request and will be arranged and paid for by the hunter.


The Safety


The Outfitter, Professional Hunter and camp staff will take every possible care and precaution to ensure the comfort and safety of the client. However, we cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury, nor for any expenses arising from accidents, illness, or injuries. The client certifies that he/she is in good health of mind and body and that he/she understands and accepts the risk and dangers involved while enjoying the sport of hunting wild and dangerous animals.


WOW Africa Safari’s policy stipulates that hunters will never leave the camp without being accompanied by a guide to ensure the utmost safety of the hunter in the African Bush. We will make no exceptions regarding this matter. In the warm summer African months, sunburn is a factor that needs to be addressed and we highly recommended that all clients make use of a good quality sun block cream, to be supplies by themselves. Clients with special medical needs or conditions must inform WOW Africa so that we can prepare for their stay in an appropriate manner. Clients will be notified if the hunt will take place in a malaria area. In this case, the client will be advised to bring effective insect repellent. A trained first aid officer will be on hand and the first aid kit present in camp. We recommend that the client registers themselves with the MedjetAssist (TEL: 1800 527 7478).


Travelling With Children

Please see the below PDF document in regards to travelling with children to South Africa.
Child travel info (FINAL)

The Liability


Wow Africa reserves the right to change conditions, prices and/or terms. However, the company will take reasonable steps to notify clients in the event of such changes. The hunter is fully responsible for paying for any wounded animals.


Reservations And Deposits


To confirm a booking, the deposit amount quoted for the total hunting expedition price is required. The balance is payable by means of  an electronic transfer on the day of departure from your country for the full expedition period. In the event of cancellations, the deposits, less the expenses incurred, will be refunded. No refund of deposit will be made if the hunt is cancelled one month before the starting date, unless the hunt can be rebooked. All quotations are made in US dollars. VISA and Mastercard credit card payments has a service fee of 3 % extra. Unfortunately we do not accept AMEX.


Not Included


Any airfare travel before, during and after the period of the expedition. Accommodation, car rental and charges before and after the period of the expedition. National Park fee’s. Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded. Preparations of skeletal materials. Taxidermy fees. Crating and shipping of trophies, shipping tags for each animal. Special food items, hard liquor and cigarettes. Gratuities to the Professional hunter, field guides and other camp staff are at the discretion of the client.




All accommodation, meals, local wine, beer and soft drinks for the period of the expedition. Trackers, skinners and camp staff. Field preparation of skin and horns. Laundry services.




Southern Africa climate is moderate- ranging from very warm summer days to fairly cold winter nights. Dress very informal! Our experience leads us to recommend the following items for safari: 4 cool shirts; 3 pairs of long trousers; 2 pairs of short trousers; 2 pairs of comfortable, lightweight hunting boots or sneakers(if preferred); bush jacket, sweater, bush hat/cap as well as socks and underwear; a rain jacket (March-May) and don't forget a torch (flashlight) with extra batteries.  Where comfort and safety are concerned, we find that the natural fabrics are far better than synthetic.

March to May - Green
June - Green, Brown and Yellow
July to October - Grey and Brown

In our experience, the above list of colours have been proven to be the most effective for blending in with the vivid seasonal vegetation of southern Africa.



WOW Africa will advise their clients on what equipment would be needed to complete the hunt in question (specifics such as weapons, ammunition and other needs relating to a particular safari).




WOW Africa recommends that the client have adequate travel, medical and personal insurance to safeguard their trip to Africa.




WOW AFRICA will be relieved of any responsibility once the trophies are delivered to a local taxidermist in good condition. All correspondence from that point will be between the client and the taxidermist. WOW AFRICA will go through extra effort to make sure that the field preparation is of high quality, to prevent hair loss on the trophies.


Cites Permits


If required (speak to your PH regarding relevant game), the client must obtain this permit upon returning from their hunting safari. WOW AFRICA will not be responsible in any ways for delays of trophies due to the client’s failure to do so.



You agree that you fully realize and accept that certain risks are involved in hunting safaris, photographic safaris and tours, as well as all the traveling involved in these safaris and tours, and you hereby hold harmless WOW AFRICA, it's agents, charter companies, employees, servants, landowners on whose land hunting takes place, as well as his employees and servants, of and from any sickness, injury, death, loss or damage of yours OF ANY NATURE WHATSOEVER from any case, including acts of God and acts of terrorism or War, and from any claim of any nature whatsoever from any cause arising which may be instituted for the recovery of any loss, damage, injury, sickness or death you may sustain.


You hereby further grant WOW AFRICA the irrevocable right to use your legal name (or titles), photographs, video or audio taped images or recordings in use at the time such images are created for advertising, marketing purposes, trade, or any other lawful purposes of our company, WOW AFRICA, without any remuneration payable therefore.


You further fully accept that all wounded game MUST be paid IN FULL. You further agree that you will settle all damages or loss caused by yourself, whether direct or indirect before departure from the hunting area. Should you wish to terminate the safari before the booked date, the remainder of the days will be forfeited.


You also agree that you have read all information available on our website 


Term And Conditions


WOW AFRICA will take every precaution for your safety and well being, but cannot be held responsible for any accident, physical or material injury, delays, irregularities, losses or theft of luggage or personal effects, or any other damage of whatever nature which could take place during the safari or transit.