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Founded in 1996, WOW Africa was built on the idea of opening Africa's doors to the world for all to explore. By focusing on making every experience a personalized experience, we quickly reached our initial goal and have helped thousands to see the dark continent through new eyes. Our reputation became that of excellence and hospitality.

By diversifying our operations, the WOW Africa Group is deeply invested in the promotion of African tourism, nature conservation and various philanthropic activities to improve the future of this land.

We thank each and every one of our clients for your contribution to the continued success of WOW Africa and your contributions to building a better Africa!



Set within the heart of the former Zulu Kingdom, WOW Africa is the reminiscence of decades long isolation from man, nomadic movement and historic battles fought between Zulu's, Afrikaner's and the British.

We stay true to this legacy entrusted to us by protecting and conserving the wildlife, nature and waterways. We see it our duty to preserve the beauty and history captured between the rolling hills of Zululand.

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